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Perhaps this behavior is justified on the market, but it can be dangerous on Forex. Donchian is considered the progenitor of the trend trading strategies. The famous “Turtle Trading System” was based on the Donchian Channel indicator and brought the author worldwide fame.


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  • Simply trade with the trend, draw a channel based on the above criteria and trade with institutional traders.
  • A trend line is a chart pattern that is defined as a series of highs or lows that form a straight line.
  • If the price is moving in an ascending channel then the price trend will remain bullish until the breakout of the channel.

Then the first goal is the middle of the channel, and the second is the opposite border. Stop Loss, in this case, is set very close – 1 to 3 points above/below the value of the key bar. Richard Donchian recommended using the period of 20 – the average number of trading days per month; the parameters of 12 , 24, 50 give stable results for long-term strategies.

How to Use Forex Channels

See the next chart for the linear regression channel on the hourly chart. Again, the channel is drawn from the highest high to the lowest low and projected out from there. Notice that we had four downside breakouts in a downtrending move while none of the highs surpasses the channel top. If we believe that the trend is well-founded and also if we believe in the central tendency , we want to be sellers at the point where the price series ends . As with linreg channels on daily charts, you can use the channel lines to set stops and targets, although it is always a good idea to apply a few other indicators, too.


Hence, insights from the channel may help you branch out into stock trading when the time comes. This expert centers his analysis on the stock market but touches upon Forex from time to time. Check out his selection of trading videos – these are very well-made. Based in Singapore, Adam is a pro in trading stocks and currencies. The channel, which has been developing since 2014, may be used as a reliable source of information.

How to Use Candle Volume on Stock Charts

As a result, when you connect your swing highs and swing lows, you’ll get two ascending lines. If you’re quite new to this, there’s a good chance you’ll come across concepts that you don’t fully understand. Share your strategy, discuss your system or download chart templates from other traders to help you extract profit from the markets. The body of the last candle fully covered the previous candle’s body. is interpreted to be around rising channel lines and support around descending channel lines. A break above or below the channel signals a possible change of a trend. Forex traders know that one of the best currency trading strategies that can produce a high risk/reward ratio is the breakout strategy. The breakout occurs when the market suddenly bursts in a particular direction after a period of consolidation. The burst will usually give you an opportunity for a decent profit in either direction, and the loss will usually be much smaller compared to the profit it can produce.

What is an ascending channel?

These have undeniable educational value, as experts zoom in on their motivations for each trade, and the technical and fundamental analysis that preceded it. Conversely, a sell signal is a rollback of the resistance line with a shorter period from a similar line with a longer period. For convenience, you can change the colors of the indicator lines so that they differ. It means that we consider a buy signal to be a retreat of the support line with a shorter period from the line with a longer period.

Ontex results: Strong recovery in profitability in Q4, built on solid top-line momentum – Yahoo Finance

Ontex results: Strong recovery in profitability in Q4, built on solid top-line momentum.

Posted: Wed, 01 Mar 2023 06:00:00 GMT [source]

When the two bands are tight, the Donchian bands act as support and resistance. In this phase, price bounces up and down between the two bands. We consider this a consolidation period or ranging market condition.

The wider the channel the more price action the channel will encompass. This may be good for highlighting extreme areas, but you will miss lots of the reversals that don’t occur at such high/low/extreme levels . The regression tool shows where most of the price action happened. Its power is in showing where the price typically/historically reverses.


It all starts with identifying major supports and resistances. However, instead of horizontal supports and resistances, what… Our lines are drawn, we identified the breakout and waited for the pullback. The first thing you need to do to get this strategy started off is you need to find a channel on a four hour or one hour chart. Remember there must be two resistance and support points to validate a channel.

Plan your trading

Then put on Bollinger bands and test the pullback strategy that we covered in this beginner guide. Ascending and descending channels are also called trend channels because the price is moving more dominantly in one direction. This Channel Trading Strategy can be a huge difference-maker in your trading arsenal. In this article, I am going to show you why going off on the “rabbit trail” is not such a bad thing after all! I will also show you a forex channel trading system, trend channel trading strategy, fx analysis, and much more in this article. The linreg channel on the chart below was drawn starting at the lowest low and ending at the highest high, with the projection marked in red dotted lines.

If you have a that is very far away from the line, a real outlier, the SE is a high number. If the price is right on the regression line, the SE is zero and therefore the price is literally “on trend.” The figure below shows an example chart. The red standard error is less spiky and means the variations, while sometimes extreme and thus denoting noisiness, are not so abnormal. The problem with a channel devised from parallel support and resistance lines is that they tend not to be very long-lasting. Prices simply do not move in such a tidy fashion for very long.

  • I highly recommend checking out Rayner Teo’s YouTube channel for informative and enjoyable videos on trading and investing.
  • Perhaps this behavior is justified on the stock market, but it can be dangerous on Forex.
  • These price channels typically run pretty close to a parallel of each other and are super helpful to Forex traders because they help them see uptrends and downtrends.
  • Karen Foo is a popular Singaporean YouTuber who runs a channel dedicated to helping her viewers learn about trading forex and stocks.
  • An ascending channel is a chart pattern that consists of two parallel upward-sloping lines.

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